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Providing Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industries

Oil country tubular goods, also known as OCTG in the industry, are used widely across the globe. Without them, little work could be done in the oil or gas industries. Choosing the right pipe products is critical in ensuring the integrity of oil wells and reducing associated risks. That’s why Hillenburg Pipe & Supply is dedicated to providing our energy customers with an array of high-quality, high-strength casing and tubing products designed to meet the challenges of a new generation.

Hillenburg Pipe & Supply provides quality limited service OCTG supplies including a range of tubing materials. Typically, the tubes used in gas and oil production are comprised of casing and tubing for oil well completion. Our seamless and electric resistance weld tubing products are manufactured from corrosion-resistant steel alloys available in a variety of grades and wall thicknesses to meet your demands.
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Ensure the Success of Your Next Oil Drilling Project

In the 1960's, Hillenburg Pipe began plugging out old oil leases. In a short amount of time, it was realized that some of these abandoned and shut in wells could be reworked to become profitable again. This eventually led the establishment of Hillenburg Oil in 1966. As crude oil producers with over 50 years of experience, Hillenburg Companies has gained the knowledge required and built the facilities necessary to handle Oil Country Tubular Goods. We work our external upset and non-upset tubing, as well as our casing, from beginning to end at our yard in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Every joint that is produced has been visually inspected, drifted, threaded, tested and straightened if necessary. We take pride in the products we sell and believe they will service your leases for years to come. Get the best products, lowest price and highest-quality service available by allowing us to help you with your next oil drilling project.

Call us today at (918) 455-4444 to get a free custom quote according to your project needs. Our expert staff can accommodate special requests and meet your industry needs.
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New Steel Pipes and More in Broken Arrow, OK


A Top Supplier of New Construction Materials

Since 1953, Hillenburg Pipe & Supply has been a leading provider in the steel pipe industry of Oklahoma and surrounding states. We stock and distribute a wide variety of new steel pipe with many options available for construction projects.

The Benefits of Buying New Products

When your project requires precise quality specifications, we recommend purchasing new steel piping. Buying new materials ensures the longevity and peak performance you need for demanding applications. We carry high-grade steel pipe for those jobs with definitive pressure or mechanical needs.
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Custom Fabrication Options

Our experienced manufacturing crew is proud to stock and distribute a wide selection of new steel pipe. We’re confident in our ability to supply any need. In the event that you need customized materials for special projects, we provide steel fabrication services to meet your project’s unique requirements.


Used Oil Country Tubular Goods


Recover. Recondition. Reuse.

At Hillenburg Pipe & Supply, we offer used steel pipe for several applications. We offer #1 and #2 grade steel pipe that can be used for various projects. Please call us at (918) 455-4444 to discuss what option will be best for the job.

We Don’t Compromise Quality

Our inventory includes a wide variety of reconditioned steel pipe for jobs that require structural grade pipe. This material can save you a significant amount of money. But don’t worry; you aren’t sacrificing quality for affordability. All of our reconditioned pipe have been inspected carefully by our experts to assure the best quality in your products.

Customization Options Available

Our used steel pipe can be purchased in a range of thicknesses and diameters and can be cut to order. If your application requires additional fabrication please contact us to discuss.
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Try It Out

If you’ve been buying new steel pipe all these years when you could be purchasing used pipe, then call to see if we have used pipe what will work in that application and save some money. You’ll get a satisfactory product at a economical price. Call Hillenburg Pipe & Supply with any further questions. We’re happy to assist you.