Oil Country Tubular Goods

In the 1960's, Hillenburg Pipe began plugging out old oil leases. In a short amount of time, it was realized that some of these abandoned and shut in wells could be reworked to become profitable again. This eventually led the establishment of Hillenburg Oil in 1966. As crude oil producers with over forty-eight years of experience, Hillenburg Companies has gained the knowledge required and built the facilities necessary to handle Oil Country Tubular Goods. We work our external upset and non-upset tubing, as well as our surface casing, from beginning to end at our yard in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Every joint that is produced has been visually inspected, drifted, threaded, tested and straightened if necessary. We take pride in the products we sell and believe they will service your leases for years to come.

API Tubing

API Casing